Saturday, 28 April 2012

Thank you all for your admirable patience!

Many of my readers have asked if I have a blog that can tell them about future releases. Well, I've finally found the time to do it, although it involved peeling my demanding children off me.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has bought and read my books, especially as it meant taking a chance on a self-published author. I couldn't do any of this without you, so really thank you!

As for upcoming releases...The second book in 'The Phoenix Pack' series is Dante's story which I'm currently working on and plan to release in October - the poor guy is having a terrible time trying to get Greta to accept the female he doesn't yet realise is his true mate. I also plan to give each of the enforcers and Shaya their own story in the future. A popular question has been whether or not the rest of the pack will be included in each book. The answer is, yes they will. Another question has been whether or not I plan to kill off Greta. Well, it's tempting in many ways, but no.

After Dante's story, I'll be working on the follow-on book to 'Here Be Sexist Vampires' which I plan to release in January 2013. The book will, like the first, centre around Sam and Jared. I'm also hoping to write a short story for Evan and each member of the squad finding their own 'mate'. Instead of releasing them all separately, I'm planning to release three short stories at a time in one book. If I was to do a full novel for Evan and each member of the squad, I'd be writing about the Hollow for years and years and years and wouldn't have the time to write other books. That's the current plan anyway, and hopefully it will work out!

Oh and I have one more thank you...It is for still embracing my characters even though they are all full of flaws and issues who still manage to get their happy ever after. Flawed people can have a HEA too, right?

Speak to you all soon!