Saturday, 6 October 2012

Finally Have Some Release Dates!

Hi, the new edition of 'Feral Sins' will be released on 19th February (available on Kindle and in paperback form - I get to see my baby on paper). It seems like so long away, but the good news is the publishers plan to release 'Wicked Cravings' approximately a month later, so although I don't have the exact date, I'm pretty sure it will be March. When I have the EXACT date, I'll post it here, my website & on Twitter. As soon as the copyeditor is done correcting all my errors, I'll put an excerpt up on here and my website too.

Totally off the subject, does anyone know a way to at least ease a migraine? I'm not one for whining about pain, I always just get on with it, but this migraine is just taking the bloody piss because it won't go and no painkillers are helping. I've got stabbing pains behind my eyes, I feel really nauseous, and everytime I move my head it's like someone wacked me with a hammer. And I've been like this for days. Lying in a dark quiet room isn't an option when I've got two kids (who won't stop arguing - seriously, how hard can it be to just co-exist peacefully for a little while?). I so admire those people who have to cope with chronic migraines that can last for like two weeks because I could never cope that long.

If someone could just give me a tip on how to dull the pain a bit, I'd be unbelievably grateful. My hub swears that sex will help - cheeky fucker.

Take care!