Tuesday, 8 April 2014

There's Going to be a Fourth Phoenix Pack Book!

I'm delighted to announce that there will in fact be another addition to the series. The book will center around Roni and Marcus, which I'm sure won't be a surprise to those who have read 'Carnal Secrets'. I've already got started on the book, which I'm having so much fun writing. I can't reveal much about the story, but suffice it to say that smooth-talking Marcus is finding charming Roni - who's much like a solitary wild animal in nature - a challenge, but one he's totally enjoying.

I know many are interested in reading Dominic's story, but he's just not ready for his mate yet. His time will come, and we will laugh as the mated males give him shit in retaliation.

I don't have a release date for the fourth book just yet, but I will post it when I do. I'd imagine it will be sometime in late Spring 2015, but that's a guess on my part. Yes, I know it seems like a long wait; the publishing process is a lengthy one.

I just want to say thank you to all those who have been so supportive of the series! It means a great deal to me, and I truly appreciate it.

Take care,