Saturday, 9 February 2013

So Tired It's Not Even Funny, But Smiling

How can I not be smiling when I've finally got my cover for 'Wicked Cravings'? (see right) Love the new one for 'Feral Sins' too. Can't believe it's only ten more days before it's re-released! Having both of them on paperback will be even better for me. 'Here Be Sexist Vampires' is now available in paperback form in the Createspace store, and 'The Bite That Binds' will soon follow. They'll both also be available on paperback through Amazon very soon. So, yes, I'm smiling like a Barbie Doll. It's kind of annoying me really, but it just won't go.

I've had a lot of requests from people asking if I'll put up another excerpt of Wicked Cravings. So sorry, but I'm not allowed to - if I'm honest, that just makes me want to do it - but what I'll do is put the occasional quote from the book on Twitter (@suz_wright). There's one up now, actually. It's just one of the many feisty interactions between Dante and Jaime. What control freak wouldn't get a little frustrated with an incontrollable woman, and vice versa?

Now I have to go and eat. I'd like to say I'll eat dinner, but I'll probably end up just munching on a bag of Skittles. Judge me if you will.

Take care!


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