Monday, 5 August 2013

Big News

Hi everyone!

I'm happy to tell you that book 3 of the Phoenix Pack series has been given an official release date: February 11, 2014. Although it was originally titled 'Tremors of Need', my Editor and I discussed changing it to a two-word title to match 'Feral Sins' and 'Wicked Cravings'. The new title is 'Carnal Secrets'...and I'm so bloody excited. For those of you who have expressed an interest in pre-ordering it, here is the link: There is no book cover just yet, but it will be coming soon.

I'll continue putting teaser quotes from 'Carnal Secrets' on Twitter and on my Facebook page:

Also, 'From Rags' has been officially updated on Amazon so that it is free of grammatical errors. It means that anyone who bought it prior to the update may be contacted by Amazon to ask if they would like to have their version updated. If you don't hear from Amazon, feel free to contact them about it. I've also edited the cover slightly to make the title clearer.

In addition, 'From Rags' will be available in paperback format very, very soon on both Createspace and Amazon. I currently have the sample in front of me to read through and proof. It's going to be a long but very fun day.
Take care everyone!



  1. Im so looking forward to reading carnal secrets :), it cant come soon enough for me!!

  2. the first two books are amazing!!! i am so excited to read on Nick and Shaya story. yikes! and your heroines are hilarious. i mean from the 3 books that i've read so far. Kudos. Keep the books coming.

  3. Are you planning on releasing any more books in ?The Deep in your veins series"?

  4. Hello, I'm french and i'm falling in love to your saga (wicked cravings and feral sins). I finished the second one two days ago and I miss everyone (Taryn, Trey, Jaime, Dante...) Thank you so much for that story, i'll take the third in english first and then in french.

    1. Hi, so glad you're enjoying the series so much. Hope you enjoy that story too, take care :)