Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Hi! With just under two weeks left to go until the release of DARK INSTINCTS, the fourth in the Phoenix Pack series, I have set up two giveaway competitions on my website.

The first is for a signed paperback copy of DARK INSTINCTS. I have 12 to give away. The competition will run until 5:00pm 7th April 2015 (UK time) and the winners will be announced on my website on the release day blitz! 

The second giveaway is for an ebook ARC of DARK INSTINCTS. There are 20 to give away. The competition will close 11:59pm 4th April 2015 (UK time), and I will announce the winners on my website on 5th April 2015, at which time I'll distribute the ARCs.

If you are interested in entering either (or both) of the competitions, check out the link:!dark-instincts-giveaway-competition/c1mo4

Take care,
S :)


  1. I just wanna let You know. I am from Indonesia. And one of the facts you have written is wrong. Because You will not be decapitated if you get caught at masturbating.
    Overall I love Phoenix pack series

    1. I've tried twice to reply to you and it's not working so I'm writing a shorter message, hopefully it works :) I'm really glad you like the series. It's just Roni trying to irritate Marcus by joking around :)