Saturday, 5 May 2012

10 Things I Did Today

1) Wrote another chapter of Dante's story and fell in love with him a little bit more. He's a cocky ass but an adorable one.

2) Told my daughter she was such a good girl for eating all her dinner

3) Told my daughter she was such a naughty girl for trying to paint the table and floor with her juice

4) Had the most unrelaxing bath ever because my dog and the dog nextdoor decided to have a barking match. My dog won. Then he managed, once again, to get out of his pen. We still haven't figured out how the clever sod is doing it.

5) Used reverse psychology in an attempt to get my son to tidy his room. It didn't work. I'll try again tomorrow. It probably won't work then either.

6) Watched The Neverending Story for the millionth time with my kids and again found myself wondering what happened to the kid who played Atreyu. I don't think I've ever seen him in anything else. I'm pretty sure he won an award for his performance but then...nothing. Or was there something?

7) Frowned as my daughter re-enacted the part in The Neverending Story where the horse, Artax, died. Now, maybe it was just me, but I found that scene really sad when I was a kid. Sure, on a level I knew it wasn't real but it was still sad to watch. The entire time my daughter re-enacts it, she's smiling. So, either, I was alone in the world as a kid who got upset when Artax died, or my daughter is more demonic than I thought.

8) Laughed my arse off watching Britain's Got Talent. Does anyone know why Carmen Electra is on it? I'm not saying she's not talented. It's just that, as I understood it, her particular talent lies in...well a rather blue area. I'm just not sure how that makes her a judge on what's more or less a family show. Am I just a prude?

9) Re-read my recent chapter in Dante's story while at the same time singing my daughter's odd version of Mary Had A Little Lamb (the lamb followed Mary to work resulting in her losing her job - it's from the film Baby's Day Out apparently). Now that's multi-tasking. Can you tell I love my kids to distraction yet?

10) Read a short story by Jaid Black 'Vanished' and kind of liked it - though, seriously, it's not for everyone as some might be offended by the plot. I wasn't because there's an emotional depth between the characters, but I have an unusually strong stomach according to my sister so...

Hope you all had a great day. Oh, if anyone knows any good books I'd really appreciate someone throwing a few titles my way. Thanks!


  1. Jennifer Ashley- historicals and shifters
    Jennie Bentley- DIY mysteries
    Susan Mallery- Fool's Gold
    Charlaine Harris- Harper Connelly, Lily Bard
    Patricia Briggs- Fair Game (Alpha and Omega)
    Katie Lane- Texas Cowboys

    I thought I'd reccommend a little bit of everything.

  2. Like your blog page :) I have a couple of people to recommend. Can't wait for the next book!

    Scansguard-Tina Folsom
    Demonica-Larissa Ione
    Gabrielle Bisset and Elixa Everett have some pretty steamy short stories

  3. Thanks Christine!
    I've read a couple of Tina Folsom books, they're hilarious so I'll definitely try the Scansguard series.

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  5. I just wanted to stop by and say how much I love!!!!! your books. I finished all 3 in 1 week and I'm most likely going to read them agian. I can't wait for your next book and I think you've got a great series to be develoved on your hands.

    For books I would recommend:
    Anything by Kresley Cole, Ilona Andrews, Jeaniene Frost or Nalini Singh and definatly the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs

  6. All that Lissa above said!
    Also, a fairly new author Kasey Mackenzie with her Fury series
    Catherine Anderson for good (traditional) contemporary romance
    GA Aiken's dragon series (they're really funny, sexy and just a little bit rude :))
    Meljean Brooks's new steampunk series (starting with Iron Duke). You might have read her erotica/ellora type novels before, but her new more mainstream romances (I think)are even more fantastic.
    Karen Marie Moning's Fae series
    Ann Aquirre (though some books I liked more than other because she's heading a bit outside the romance genre)

    Christie Kelly
    Sylvia Day
    Alissa Johnson
    Courtney Milan (VERY GOOD new author)
    Delilah Marvelle (complex characters! can be angsty in a good way)

    If you are in the mood for category romances, I just discovered some really wonderful and well-written older titles/authors:
    Alison Fraser
    Mary Burchell
    Susan Barrie
    Emma Goldrick (funny!)

    that's probably enough!

    Just wanted to say that I loved From Rags as well and am looking forward to seeing more from you.
    I generally dont really read contemporary unless I'm familiar with the author, but I'm really glad that I stumbled across your novel! There's not enough Brit authors in romance!

  7. Thank you LIsas13 and tarifelagund!!!! I've seriously ran out of authors to read but it's my own fault for reading too much

  8. And I thought I was the only one with a daughter fascinated by death! My almost 6 year old daughter listens to Adele songs and tells me elaborate tales about how Adeles prince was killed and that is why she is so sad in her songs. Anytime somebody dies in a movie she will speak volumes about the death. It would be understandable if we had had a death in the family, but we have not.
    As far as books go, I read so much I think my recomendation list would take me weeks to compile. I did read Leighann Phoenix's Leader of the Pack in the same time frame as Feral Sins and I loved them both equally.

    1. Same here; no death in the family, she's just like that.
      Thanx for that recommendation, I'll check it out. Take care.

  9. So I read Feral Sins and Here Be Sexist Vamps in a day. Great books and I think they could both be the beginnings of great series. I also recommend Larissa Ione. Her Demonica series is great, but I think her Lords of Deliverance series is better. Karen Marie Moning's Fever series is hands-down the best urban fantasy I've read. Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series is fun reading and sort of like a way less erotic/way more interesting story line version of the Anita Blake series. Also check out Graceling by Kristin Cashore. Supposedly YA Fantasy but my hubby and I are in our early 30's and we really liked it. The Lazarus Series by C.J. Baker is another good urban fantasy/paranormal romance series, but I still think the Fever series is the best I've read so far in that genre.

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely have to check out the Fever series because a lot of people have recommended it to me. I've read a few other books by that author and I really like her.

  10. Oh yeah, if you haven't read the Fever Series, you have to. I loved that series for some of the same reasons I loved all three of your books.
    • BADASS Heroine with exceptional gifts
    • Sexy uber-alpha Male Romantic Lead
    • Made me laugh out loud many times
    • While it isn't filled with as much sex as your novels, the series definitely has its erotic moments.

  11. First off, I have to say I love you're books! I just found you the other day on amazon, and you have completely wow'd me! I'll be following more books published by you. :-) I know of some great authors. So I'll tell you make Favorites beside yours.
    1. Sunny (Mona Lisa series) Great series. I haven't read anything quite like hers.
    2. Jasmine Haynes (Dead to the max series) I cried, got hot and bothered, and completely was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out the plot. lol
    3. Emma Holly (all her books are great, very naughty but great!)
    4. Dicey Grayner~ She's new out there and her books rock.
    Hope you check some of them out. After reading you're books, I think you would like them.

  12. Thanks Noetical and Ashley! I'll be working my way through some more books now that I've finished Dante's story and am just fleshing it out. Take care!

  13. Are you going to be making a book 4 of the feral sins series and when it's it going to be released

    1. Hi Taylor, I signed to do three books for the series but there's talk of possibly being a fourth. I'll post news on here when I get it. Take care, S :)