Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I Think I'm the Worst at Blogging

Everyone, I'm really sorry - I do realise that I've been neglecting this blog in a big way. My only excuse is that I've been in 'cave mode' lately. It's what happens when I'm really into writing a book. I submerge myself so fully into it that everything else kind of fades, unless it's my kids as no one on Earth could truly escape them. Then I was abruptly pulled out of 'cave mode' to go shopping and to then begin packing for our upcoming holiday (we're leaving this weekend). I've done my best to keep up with e-mails and any messages from Goodreads while dividing the rest of my time between Dante's book, packing, shushing my children, and dealing with some other stuff which would fill the blog entry so I won't bore you with it, but it's meant that this blog has suffered. So sorry.

Hope you're all okay. Me...Meh. You know, I've come to the conclusion that someone somewhere has a voodoo doll that looks like me and is just taking the piss with it. Every time I'm about to go on holiday, I catch the flu or a chest infection or a stomach bug or something and I'm then ill while I'm there. This year, I have a hematoma in my leg, which is just a fancy word for a bloodcot that's under the skin and surrounded by a huge ugly bruise. Nothing serious, but it's sore, and it's annoying to be walking around with a big freakin lump on my leg. The lump doesn't even have the decency to look like a normal lump. No, it's bumpy like three all joined together. And how did I injure myself? I stood on a table for balance, and my leg went right through it. I wouldn't mind but I weigh 8 stone (I've got a small frame) so it's hardly like I'm much of a strain. Seriously, whoever's out there with the voodoo doll, give me a break please!

To all of you who've been sending me messages and emails with new authors and great books, thank you! I'll now have stuff to read while I'm on holiday. Coming away from Dante's book for two weeks is going to kill me, but doing the 'cave mode' thing on holiday won't be fair to the kids so...

Anyway, time to head back to the cave. Once again, so sorry that I'm so crap at blogging. Take care!


  1. I JUST discovered you thanks to a persistent entry of Feral Sins on my Amazon recommendations.

    FANTASTIC! I hope you enjoy your holiday, that your leg gets better soon, and you come down with a dreadful case of writer's diarrhea. :D

    Keep up your fantastic work.

  2. Just finished Sexist Vampires, which I absolutely loved and can't wait for next years sequel especially as it's another Sam and Jared story. In the meantime I've just purchased your other two books and am looking forward to getting stuck into them.

    Hope you have a fab holiday and keep up the good work :D

  3. Thank you both of you! I'm back from my holiday now so back to Dante. Really appreciate you buying my books and I'm really glad you enjoyed them.
    Take care,

  4. Just read Feral Sins for the second time, its great, can't wait for book 2!! When will that be out??
    Im starting Here Be Sexist Vampires.

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for buying my books, the plan is for book 2 of the Phoenix Pack to be released in October. Take care, Suzanne

  5. Loved all three books wished there were more!! but am looking forward to October

  6. Glad you enjoyed them, Elaine. Take care