Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Finally She's Asleep

Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter, I would do anything in the world for her, but I have to say I cherish these moments when she's asleep, particularly now that I'm potty training her. It is so not fun. I praised my daughter to the high heavens, clapped and made a huge fuss when she pee'd in the potty. Two minutes later I turn my back to answer the phone, have the briefest conversation, and then turn back to see that not only has she pee'd all over the floor, she's dancing in it. Worse, she then slipped and fell in it. So, yeah, the break is nice. I wouldn't mind if she didn't actually know when she needed to use it. She just isn't interested in using it at all because she's bloody stubborn. Anyone else have that problem?

I also finally got my website (www.suzannewright.co.uk) up and running, and also my twitter account (suz_wright) and LinkedIn account. Leaving cave mode for a few days gave me a chance to get it all sorted - in between potty training and getting ready for my son's birthday. Can't believe he's 7 in two days! I feel so old.

The first draft of Dante's story is completely done! Just got to gloss over it. In all honesty, I'm not all that thrilled because I'll miss writing about him and his mate, but I'm looking forward to writing about Nick and Shaya and to starting my follow-on book to HBSV.

I just want to again thank everyone for being so supportive over the delay in the release of 'Wicked Cravings'. Really appreciate all the congratulatory messages on here, on Goodreads and those emailed to me.

Take care!



  1. Ooh... Potty training is the worst. I'm sorry.... Here's a trick I did with my kids because for some reason they just didn't want to do it. I invented the potty fairy. I know, right, weird... lol! But it did work. Basically I have a girlfriend of mine call the house and ask to speak to my little ones. She pretended she was the potty fairy and that little girls (or boys) needed to start being a big girl(or boy). She told them that she knows if they go or don't , BUT if they go for one week straight with out any accidents then they will receive a surprise. Well my kids loving things magical, jumped to be able to get a surprise from the potty fairy. After 7 days with no accidents, they woke up one morning to use the rest room and saw feathers and glitter and on top of that were new big kid underwear, and a small toy. They loved it. They still believe the fairies are watching them. Suckers.... lmao! Hope that helps you. I know it's crazy. But hey, whatever works. ;-)

  2. Hey that's a really good idea. I'll have to try it. She's just so awkward! The only way to describe her is that she's like a cat; she'll come to you when she wants something but otherwise wants to be independent, she's choosy about who she gives affection to and when she gives it, and she's not big on that whole reward thing - she just wants to do her own thing. It's a pain in my arse, but I love her. Take care!

  3. Congratulations on the potty training! Ours didn't work until we got one of these toilet seat built into the lid .

    google. - Toilet seat built in potty seat.

    They are the best!

    It won't let me give you a URL.

    But my mom got one for her house too! I wish I'd have invented them. :)

  4. Haha, never heard of that, wish I had. At least she's finally trained. Thanks for the tip though - I'll tell my sister. Take care!