Saturday, 21 July 2012

So...Good News and Bad News

The good – and rather surreal – news is that I’ve recently signed a contract with Montlake Romance Publishing Company. I know, mental isn’t it. They contacted me a few months back about ‘Feral Sins’, wanting to obtain and re-release it along with more books from the Phoenix Pack series.  For any of you that don’t know – I hadn’t until they told me – Montlake is actually one of Amazon’s Publishing Houses. To be honest, I hadn't even known Amazon had any publishing houses. Yes, I'm that clueless. Anyway, I’ve been in negotiations with them over the past few months but I hadn’t wanted to mention it before now because I was afraid I’d jinx it. Plus, I really did figure that at some point they’d change their mind or something. But no, they haven’t.

So yes the good news is that soon it will be re-released having been edited professionally and with a few minor changes – one being that the group scene has been replaced with a scene that’s purely between Trey and Taryn as Montlake’s guidelines are that sex may only occur between two characters. Nothing at all about the plot will have changed.

The bad news is that this will delay the release of book two, ‘Wicked Cravings’ which is Dante’s story, because they need to re-release ‘Feral Sins’ before publishing the next one. But what’s good is that it will have been professionally edited. I know that some people find typos really annoying so hopefully this will take care of that.

I just want to thank the attorney David Vandagriff for all his help with analyzing my contract and his endless patience with me as I sought to understand just what all those lengthy wordy sentences meant. I seriously hounded the poor bloke.

Again, sorry about the delay. Hopefully I can get the first chapter of ‘Wicked Cravings’ up on my blog for people to read if they want.  

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  1. Yay! Congrats on your contract!! Any idea of the release date of book two? Please do post sneak peeks of "Wicked Cravings" for those of us who are waiting anxiously!

    Thank you!
    A Fan from Taiwan!

  2. Thanks! Not sure of the exact date but when I get it I'll post it on my blog. I'll try to get an excerpt up soon too. Take care!

  3. Congratulations on your success!!!! You're a great author.

    However, I love that group scene. I'm a little disappointed that there will be no "group" activities in your future books. :(

    Note to self: if amazon tells me to update a new version of Feral Sins I should never ever update it.

  4. Thank you. It's only in the Phoenix Pack series that there'll be no more group scenes. No more group scenes being published anyway. No doubt they'll end up on my website. Take care

  5. I loved that scene! I'm glad I bought it before the re-release! I cannot wait for Dante's story. I will not update it if Amazon ask's me too. Congratulations on your success, it's more than well deserved.

  6. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed scene. I'll try and get a sneak peek of Dante's story up on my blog soon. Take care

  7. Congratulations, that is very exciting news for you! I love Feral Sins and HBSV and can't wait to read Wicked Cravings (I'm so excited that Dante gets a story)!

    It will be a pity to lose that group scene, so for that I'm glad I got the book before the editor has their way with it :)

    I am completely anal about typos and punctuation issues, and I believe that with the professional editing your books will go from fantastic to absolutely awesome!

    Congratulations again and all the best with your upcoming book(s)!

  8. Thank you Kristy. Glad you liked them so much. Hopefully you enjoy 'Wicked Cravings' too. Take care.

  9. I'm actually very excited that the group scene was taken out! I enjoyed the book but hated that part. It seemed to go against the characters already established. I will actually re-buy this book and am now rather excited about re-reading it. Thanks and congratulations!

  10. Thanks so much for the support. Hopefully you enjoy the new version. Take care!

  11. Oh thank goodness! I have just finished Feral Sins and am totally in withdrawal, what an amazing book!

  12. Thank you, Bev! Really glad you liked it!

  13. Is there any way to get the group scene? I have the re-released version, and although it's good, I feel like I'm missing out. Thanks!

    1. It's on my website on the deleted scenes section :)