Friday, 9 November 2012

I Probably Shouldn't Be So Excited...

I finally have the official release date for 'Wicked Cravings'; it is due to be released on the 16th April and is available for pre-order on Amazon in various formats, including paperback. So, yeah, I'm all excited, and if that's a little immature...sod it. As I said in my profile, I'm terribly flawed with no redeeming qualities.

Sorry it's been a while since the last entry. I've been in cave mode again, working on the sequel to HBSV (as yet untitled, I'm torn between two). It's due to be released on 31st January, so I've been working like crazy on it, wanting it to be the best that it can be - plus, I've been kind of submerged in the story, if I'm honest.

My daughter's not accomodating the whole 'submerging' thing and is currently watching Shrek's Thrilling Tales and seems intent on learning the Thriller dance, move for move, insisting that I watch. Bless her. Her older brother - in all his innocence, or maybe he was hoping to scare the shit out of her - allowed her to watch the uncut version of Michael Jackson's Thriller. She bloody loved it. I'd call her strange, but I was the same at her age (three). Oh well.

Take care!



  1. Fantastic news, really looking forward to HBSV part 2 as I loved the first one...heck, I've enjoyed all of your books in a laugh out loud kinda way!

  2. I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I absolutely love Feral Sins.. I have read it so many times I have lost track.. Just can't get enough of it... I am wondering if you are planning on continuing the series? Not trying to pressure you or anything, But I hope so. :) You have created some many wonderful characters that I can't wait to follow their stories.. Or if you don't have any plans for Dante.. please give him my address.... Lol!!
    Keep Writing and I will keep reading ;)
    ~ Amy

  3. Thanks Chillywinter! I'll be re-releasing the first HBSV on 13th Jan with all the errors corrected and a brand new cover that one of my readers designed for me, it is fab! She did the energy whip perfect!

    Hi Amy, glad you enjoy Feral Sins so much! Yes, I'm continuing the series. Wicked Cravings (the book I've mentioned in the above entry) is actually the second installment, which is Dante's story. If there's a real-life one of him out there, you'll be fighting my sister for him, lol.

    Take care both of you!

  4. I LOVED Feral Sins and I can't wait to read Dante's story! I literally just finished HBSV and I really enjoyed it as well. I was wondering, will the second book of HBSV be about Sam and Jared or will it be about one of the other guys?

  5. Hi Annmarie, thanks so much for buying my books! I'm really glad you enjoyed them. Yes the follow-on book to HBSV is about Sam and Jared again, as will the third one be. Take care!

  6. I really enjoyed all your books but Feral Sins was probably my least favorite of your books (so far). I'd rank them:
    1. Here Be Sexist Vampires
    2. From Rags
    3. Feral Sins
    So, I'm a lot more excited to hear about another HBSV. :p

  7. so wicked cravings was automatically sent to my kindle (YAY) and it was released a day before my birthday, definently a great birthday gift!!!

  8. Happy belated birthday Angela! Hope you enjoyed WC! Take care, S :)